Georgia Family Court Reform Augusta

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A grandmother and her grandson....

the day his father was given custody because his mother surrendered him

after she chose her boyfriend over the safety of her son.

November 10,2005

 Judge Michael Annis

gave the order,but did not sign the final papers that were submitted to him to sign at the hearing. Guardian Julie Tillery lied about the papers being signed and my sons attorney Lorraine Bartlett walked off the case when the court officials would not communicate with her...leaving this case wide open 2 years later for a Clarification Order...IS THIS A CONSPIRACY?

I speak for many in this area...someone had to make the first move....I speak for my friends that share my pain....their pain is just as heartbreaking. The Guardians,the Custody evaluators like Joseph Frey and all the lawyers who are hired to represent you..only to turn on your like a snake....we are on to you...alone we believed it was going to be a long battle and would lose it all...but now the battle is to not only make things right for us...but to save those in the future who foolishly believe divorce is a piece of cake.........the only thing that matters is the money they make off of your pain...and the Judge though they have the last word...only repeat what the guardian has told them in an illegal ex parte meeting before the's shameful,illegal and it will stop....because we will not stop till its exposed.  This is not a game. There should be a cap on Guardians fees,there should be a panel to handle all complaints of court appointees and there should be a cap on lawyers fees....there should be mediation rather than lawyers involved,there should be no ex parte communication between the judge and anyone on the case unless it is an emergency to call an emergency hearing...we don't need custody evaluators...we need co parenting classes and shared parenting....afterall the two people had the child....even though they are no longer together....they still have to raise the child and teach him respecting his other parent...whom he loves just as much. No disabled person should ever come into court without representation...they also should be given a guardian or public fact....make family court an open court...with a jury....that will stop all of the underhanded things going on in a hearing where no one is sworn to tell the truth.